Alberta’s floods no match for its people


The floods across southern Alberta have taken a toll on the landscape, real estate and infrastructure of our towns and cities. What they have not done is diminished our spirit, resolve and sense of community. In fact, it has been an honor to witness such a commitment to exemplary citizenship. This energy will ensure a quick and efficient return to normalcy for all those impacted by the floods.

The floods did not have a significant impact to Xpan. A few Xpanners did temporarily lose access to their homes, but all are safe and sound. The worst that happened here is we had to cancel Saturday’s Xpan Family Paintball and BBQ. In its place we have registered volunteer teams with the Samaritan’s Purse (1-866-628-6565) and Volunteer Calgary. In the coming days and weeks our team is eager to help with cleanup and transportation of supplies.

If you are interested in helping, here are some places you can find more information.

Calgary City News

Volunteer Calgary
Samaritan’s Purse

Red Cross

Public Transportation
Closure Information

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