5 Ways to Reduce Training Costs

balance sheet

Training doesn’t have to cost money. With a thoughtfully designed eLearning platform, employee training moves from liability to asset on the balance sheet.

The Well-Trained Employee

There’s a saying in the human resources department: hire for attitude, train for aptitude. Knowing when to smile and what to recycle are everyday decisions that impact the brand and the bottom line. In other words, customer service and sustainability training programs matter. All it takes is a small upfront investment to reap the rewards. eLearning reduces training costs.

1. Relevant Knowledge

When you invest in eLearning, you find yourself in a position to get the right knowledge to the right people for right task at the right time. It’s called just-in-time learning and its revolutionizing academia, government and industry training. Knowledge transfer improves when it aligns tasks with users while reducing training costs.

2. Downtime Reduction

Why travel to learn, when learning can travel to you? eLearning removes the barrier to training by cutting travel, hotel and food out of the equation. With an internal eLearning platform in place (LMS – Learning Management System), the organization has access to effective training and improved job prospects.

3. Improved Pace

More often than not, the classroom is reduced to the lowest common denominator. It happens by design. The slowest person in the room puts the brakes on everyone’s abilities. eLearning improves the pace by working with people, instead of against them, reducing cost by maximizing efficiency.

4. Consistent Delivery

It’s time to treat institutional memory as an asset and bring knowledge transfer back in-house. Doing so will ensure consistent learning across the organization and improve customer satisfaction. eLearning makes this possible on an entirely new scale. Because the world doesn’t need another external training organization.

5. Internal Asset Development

Simply put, eLearning is an up-front capital cost rather than an ongoing operating expense. eLearning frees up valuable cash flow so you can focus on what matters – growing your business.

Call Xpan today to get started on your next eLearning project. Time is money. So what are you waiting for?


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