Work-Life Balance Tops Our Reason For Virtual Office

Virtual Office

While Xpan has been growing over the past few years, our mandate to maintain a virtual office remains the same. Crazy, don’t you think? Well, we don’t and here’s why.

Reduced Costs

The clearest reason we’ve chosen to work in a remote environment is the large amount of money we save on not having that fixed cost of a physical space. Office space in Calgary and Chicago is seen as some of the priciest in North America.


Being a technology company focused on building innovative corporate digital training solutions for our clients, having a remote work environment means we can work with the best people in Canada, the U.S and around the world without them having to move to our head office in Calgary. Instructional designers, user experience specialists, writers, multi-media developers, graphic designers… we can hire any of these people no matter where they live and we love having that ability.

Work-Life Balance

The most important reason we hold a virtual office profile is to maintain a great work-life balance for our team. We’re all creative people at heart, and to that end, enjoy being able to work from home, a park, our favourite coffee shop or while we’re away from home on a trip. This flexibility has labeled Xpan a desired place to work by our employees and you know what, we can’t blame them.

Even though our office is “virtual,” Xpan does have a physical address we call home. Our physical address is located at the Alistair Ross Technology Centre at in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Centre is a designated innovation hub where many technology and software companies call home. If we ever needed to talk about an eLearning solution face-to-face, for instance, we’d do it here. It’s got everything we need. We also have a similar location in Chicago, IL, where Xpan serves our U.S. clients.

What are your thoughts on a virtual office? Does it work for you as well as it does for us? We’d love to hear your comments.

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