We’ve had the privilege of applying our best principles in the development of digital knowledge to a wide array of sectors and organizations...and continue to expand into others.


We are a recognized pioneer and leader in providing online training programs to thousands of transit workers and dozens of rail properties throughout the U.S. and Canada. We have a deep understanding of the many intricate systems that allow a massive chunk of steel to safely travel across long distances.

Our eLearning solutions make it possible for transit organizations to:

  • Rapidly deploy learning initiatives
  • Reduce training-related costs
  • Drive organizational performance
  • Retain strategic control of the elements that are core to their business

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As a Calgary-based company, Xpan appreciates the energy industry’s deep roots in both our social and economic landscape.

The wide array of digital knowledge services that we provide to the energy sector gives a competitive advantage to our partners that integrate knowledge into their organization as a value-based investment.

Examples of the high rates of return experienced by our clients include:

  • Lower safety incidents
  • Higher retention and engagement
  • More rapid onboarding
  • Enhanced skills

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The health industry is facing enormous challenges:

  • An aging global population is demanding more services.
  • In developing nations, a growing middle class requires access to health services their nations have not yet acquired.
  • Over 1 billion people living in extreme poverty lack basic health care.
  • Globally, the population is exploding.

The only way to deploy knowledge in this quickly scaling industry is by using technology as a conduit to changing behaviour.

Xpan is committed to helping our partner organizations get knowledge to the front lines, to help people live healthier, more productive lives.

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The retail landscape is evolving quickly – from a traditional brick-and-mortar environment into a blended mix of online and hands-on brand experiences.

Consumers want to interact with products and services from anywhere with any digital device. At the same time, they expect reliable and customized purchasing experiences in real-time.

How can retailers ensure consistent and high-quality service across a global supply chain?

How can they develop an agile and successful sales force that can harness empathy, think critically, and go the extra mile for customers to add value at every point of the buying journey?

The answer is digital knowledge. Specifically, Xpan's superb digital knowledge experiences: brand-centric learning tools that provide a relevant narrative, coupled with effective adult learning principles and frictionless technical solutions.

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Governments and NGOs

Governments and NGOs play a critical part in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen or member participation.

They work to foster industrial, social or political change on a broad scale or very locally.

Xpan is proud to work with many stellar partners who are committed to making their world a better place by advocating a defined set of values and principles. Our digital knowledge solutions allow a scalable solution to provide member or citizen engagement.

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Post secondary institutions face many challenges in order to respond and adapt to the diverse and changing needs of learners. Xpan’s digital knowledge solutions cost-effectively expand the ability for post-secondary institutions to deliver advanced educational experiences and training programs to a global audience. Learning technology becomes an academic opportunity with instructional design, multimedia production and data analytics.

Xpan’s team of experts can:

  • Accelerate digital transformation
  • Support faculty in rapid development in online asynchronous curriculum
  • Work as experts in your platform - D2L, Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle etc.
  • Provide functional leadership to manage change

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